Invitation to Our first Exhibition Openings – Friday 18th Sept. 6:30 pm

HS-081502 DL Chris Seale Flyer HS-081503 DL Mark Pryer FlyerOur first twin exhibition openings are coming up in a little over a week.   We are excited about the wonderful works our two artists have been producing, and we think you will be too.  It should be a great show and a fun night.

Every day lately, wonderful new works have been coming into the gallery.  Striking and innovative work from David Warren, beautiful romantic works from Tony Duarte and atmospheric seascapes from Leisa O’Brien, just this week.

Our two featured artists have very different ways of reacting to the landscape around them, but love of the natural world is paramount for both of them.  We hope that you will find something that resonates in this show, whether your taste runs to the contemporary, or to the traditional.

For anyone seriously on a mission to acquire that special piece of artwork, pre-show viewing can be arranged by contacting us at

Susan Skuse


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