Available Work

Follow the leader - Cockatiels wip web
Susan Skuse | Follow the leader – Cockatiels | acrylic and oil on canvas | 60 x 120 cms
Kings of the funky forest web
Susan Skuse | Kings of the Forest – King parrots | acrylic and oil on canvas | 60 x 120 cms
Satin bower bird.web
Susan Skuse | Satin Bowerbird | acrylic and oil on canvas | 60 x 60 cms
Feathery All-sorts
Susan Skuse | Feathery all-sorts | top to bottom – left to right — Superb fairy wren, Eastern spinebill, Crested shrike tit, Rose Robin, Blue winged kookaburra, Crimson chat, Tanager, Red backed wren, Azure kingfisher | Acrylic and oil on coffered timber panels | 30 x 30 cms each
rising up
Susan Skuse | Rising up | Oil on timber panel, mounted in white box frame | 30 x 30 cms
Spinifex pigeon.web
Susan Skuse | Spinifex pigeon | Mixed media on aluminium panel (bird in oil) | 40 x 40 cms
Immaculate Blue Herons.web
Susan Skuse | Immaculate – Blue herons | Mixed media on canvas (birds in oil), 60 x 60 cms
The Eavesdropper | 2 x panels, 60x60cm each | oil and acrylic on canvas | Available through Capan Art Gallery, Mount Tamborine
Skuse_Susan_Scarlet Becomes You
Scarlet becomes you – Scarlet honeyeaters | Acrylic and oil on canvas | 51 x 51cms | Available through Bluethumb | $470
Regal Bearing 2
Regal Bearing – Black Swans | 91 x 91cms | Acrylic, aerosol and oil on canvas | available through Bluethumb $1100
Hanging out 2.web
Susan Skuse | Hanging out at Binna Burra | Oil on canvas | 60 x 152cms | Available through Capan Art Gallery, Mt. Tamborine
Diversity 2 rebalanced
Susan Skuse | Diversity | Acrylic and oil on canvas | 124 x 93cms |
She's Got the Look.web
Susan Skuse | She’s Got the Look | Acrylic and oil on canvas | 39 x 77 cms
Riverside mansion - with Pardalotes.web
Susan Skuse | Riverside Mansion | 75 x 152 cms | Acrylic and oil on canvas | available through Bluethumb.
Above the clouds
Susan Skuse | Above the Clouds | Acrylic and oil on canvas | 39 x 77 cms
duet final.web
Susan Skuse | Duet – sarus cranes | Acrylic and oil on coffered board | 85 x 92 cms



Hillier Skuse represented at Brisbane Art Prize and Life Art Worldwide Expo

Last week was a very busy one, with one half of the team (Sue) up in Brisbane for the Brisbane Art Prize and Life Art Worldwide Expo, while the other half (Steve) manned the gallery.  What can one say?  Well, no experience is ever entirely wasted, and it was a great opportunity to meet and chat at length with wonderful regional artists such as Lyne Marshall, Kym Barrett and Beatrice Prost.  Perhaps we could consider an invitational Art Expo at Hillier Skuse Gallery some time next year?  What do you think?

Susan Skuse filling the unforgiving moment with sixty second's worth of painting, at the Brisbane Art Prize Expo.
Susan Skuse filling the unforgiving moment with sixty second’s worth of painting, at the Brisbane Art Prize Expo.
The Art of Riding on the Wind No. 1 Welcome Swallows a2
Sue’s finalist painting – The Art of Riding on the Wind, No. 1 – Welcome Swallows – acrylic and oil on composite aluminium panel, 400 x 400mm

Invitation to Our first Exhibition Openings – Friday 18th Sept. 6:30 pm

HS-081502 DL Chris Seale Flyer HS-081503 DL Mark Pryer FlyerOur first twin exhibition openings are coming up in a little over a week.   We are excited about the wonderful works our two artists have been producing, and we think you will be too.  It should be a great show and a fun night.

Every day lately, wonderful new works have been coming into the gallery.  Striking and innovative work from David Warren, beautiful romantic works from Tony Duarte and atmospheric seascapes from Leisa O’Brien, just this week.

Our two featured artists have very different ways of reacting to the landscape around them, but love of the natural world is paramount for both of them.  We hope that you will find something that resonates in this show, whether your taste runs to the contemporary, or to the traditional.

For anyone seriously on a mission to acquire that special piece of artwork, pre-show viewing can be arranged by contacting us at contact@hillierskusegallery.com.

Susan Skuse


Dawn Meditation

Skuse, Susan, Meditation
Susan Skuse | Dawn Meditation | Oil on canvas | 910 x 1830mm |$2,750

This is a painting I did for the large group exhibition we have on at the gallery at the moment.  I was aiming not so much for a serious depiction of a horse as something about the symbolic power and grace of the animal.  I was also after a bit of a surreal feeling.  You can see the whole catalogue of wonderful equine-themed artworks here: http://hillierskusegallery.com/

Jewel Box

Jewel Box - Susan Skuse - 2015 Oil on canvas mounted on board 4x panels 30x80 cms
Jewel Box – Susan Skuse – 2015
Oil on canvas mounted on board
4x panels 30×80 cms

Jewel Box is another in the series of paintings I have been doing of Mudgeeraba Creek. I was walking along the edge of the creek one day when I noticed a shaft of light coming in between the tree branches and lighting up the stones on the floor of the creek with a golden glow. The richness of the reflections of leaves and branches, and the shapes and colours of the underlying rocks seemed to create a complicated sort of Rococco pattern; not a collection of mundane objects, but a secret cache of precious things. That’s why I’ve called the work ‘Jewel Box’.

Three Views of Mudgeeraba Creek

three views 1three views 3three views 2

Three views of Mudgeeraba Creek – 3x panels oil on canvas, mounted on board, 40x80cms each, overall 120×80 approx. Susan Skuse 2015.

I came up with this work as part of my Fine Arts Degree work and finished it up for the d’Arcy Doyle Award. I’m happy to report that the painting has found a new home, and, not only that, but another artlover has commissioned a similar work. I’m beginning to feel that I might have found my art “niche”.

For anyone who is interested in such things, here is my artist statement relating to this work, explaining the thought process behind it.

The aim of my painting is the appreciation of the natural world as a unity in which we are not objective observers, but an integral and undifferentiated part. For me, this involves painting in a realistic style and with an attachment to place.
My recent work has been based on a single place; a rainforest stream near my home. It is not that there is anything special about this place; there are thousands, perhaps millions of such places where the basic elements of water, rock, light and vegetation come together.
In Zen Buddhism there is a term, kensho, which implies a momentary enlightenment wherein one “sees nature” and also sees one’s own nature, with the sense that there is no duality between the ‘seer’ and the ‘seen’. My goal is for my painting to open the door to a such an experience.
In the set of three, titled ‘Focus Shirt, the top panel shows a distant view, which reads as a conventional landscape painting. In the second panel , the middle ground, the patterns of shapes are becoming more abstract, and in the bottom panel they are rendered more abstractly again, with primary interest being on the distorted shapes created by moving water and the colours.

Holmes Art Prize – Steve Hillier Finalist

Stephen Hillier, Breakfast at Sweethearts, Oil on Canvas, 92x80 cms
Stephen Hillier, Breakfast at Sweethearts, Oil on Canvas, 92×80 cms

This is my partner, Steve’s entry for the Holmes Art Prize, a stunning painting of the Black Shouldered Kite. It was an education to see the meticulous dedication that goes into painting a work like this. Long after I thought it was finished, Steve was working away, adding details and making subtle adjustments that I could hardly see. Very unlike my own slap-dash approach. But hey, vive la difference!

You can see more of Steve’s work, including some of his un-feathered birds at Visual Emporium – https://visualemporium.com.au/artists/steve-hillier/.

Finalist in the Holmes Art Prize – The Art of Riding the Wind

The Art of Riding on the Wind, Oil on Aluminium Composite sheeting, 9x panels 40x40 cms, overall size 135x135 cms
The Art of Riding on the Wind, Oil on Aluminium Composite sheeting, 9x panels 40×40 cms, overall size 135×135 cms

Here is how my bird panels look when put together as a single work. I am very honoured to have had this work selected as a finalist in the inaugural Holmes Art Prize run by the Regional Art Gallery of Caloundra. It is a specialised art prize calling for “excellence in the realistic representation of Australian birds”. They have attracted entries from the top nature and wildlife artists from all over Australia, so, without undue modesty, I am still wondering how I managed to get in. The show will be on from the 12th to 30th August at The Oakes Resort, Cnr. North Street and Landsborough Parade, Golden Beach. My partner Steve also has a work in the show – a beautiful painting of the Black Shouldered Kite, which I will post next.