25/100 for 2013 – Sunworshiper No. 1

Sunworshiper 1 - Oil on canvas, 61x81 cms
Sunworshiper 1 – Oil on canvas, 61×81 cms

I have some lovely photographs taken a few months ago when I had a figure model around to work out some ideas.She did a bit of floating around in the pool as a break, the day being hot. Strangely enough I haven’t got around to painting any of the planned scenarios we worked on, yet, but I thought I’d give this one a try. I love the colour and shapes made by the water and sunlight. The painting is actually a bit more aqua-coloured than this. I am considering coating all of the painting except the exposed skin areas with two-pack resin to enhance the reflective look.

Eve and the Tree of Knowledge – 20/100 of 2013

Eve and the Tree of Knowledge - oil on canvas 100x80 cms
Eve and the Tree of Knowledge – oil on canvas 100×80 cms

This is my tongue-in-cheek take on the Genesis story. I think it fits into my mythological series. I guess some people won’t like it because they feel that mythological stories from the Abrahamic tradition should be privileged. Obviously, I don’t think that.

The fact that the fruit of the tree of knowledge (of good and evil) is traditionally depicted as an apple strikes me as odd. It seemed to me it should be a book. Books are where we get our most dangerous and exciting ideas. And there’s nothing more dangerous than letting women get their hands on books, is there? Next thing, they start getting uppity.