A Day at the Beach – Part 2

The second part of my time assignment was to bring a more personal aspect to the study of time.  I found a picture of myself as a small child at the beach, with my little black kitten.  So long ago.  I have super-imposed this on a picture of Echo Beach in the morning.  The figure is in sepia and white – like the original photo – I’m thinking of it as an echo from another time.  I’m wondering if that little girl is still around somewhere, inside this old lady.

Echo of Childhood - oil on canvas - 45x60
Echo of Childhood – oil on canvas – 45×60

The second painting of the pair is a sunset scene with a figure (supposedly me) looking out over the sea towards the setting sun.  The day is almost over.  So sad.  Never mind, I’ve studied philosophy, I’m OK with it.

Day's End, Oil on canvas, 60x45
Day’s End, Oil on canvas, 60×45


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